31 de agosto de 2012

Quotidiana reúne centenas de ensaios clássicos

O Quotidiana reúne centenas de ensaios clássicos, entre os quais se incluem alguns da autoria de escritores famosos como T. S. Eliot, Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain e Mary Wollstonecraft. Especialmente útil devido à agregação do conteúdo e à organização cronológica que facilita bastante a consulta.
Quotidiana, from the word quotidian, is a website dedicated to the essay. Quotidiana includes my writing and teaching portfolios, an online workshop community for me and my fellow O. U. Bobcats, a set of conference papers and annotated bibliographies, a collection of interviews with some of my favorite contemporary essayists, a selection of the "Essayest American Essays," from recent years, and, most importantly and most substantially, an anthology of hundreds of classical essays, all published before 1923, all partakers of the ruminative, associative, idea-driven form that predates and surpasses the current "creative nonfiction" trendy stuff. Although most of these essays are available online elsewhere, some are not, and already Quotidiana is one of the biggest online anthologies of classical essays anywhere.

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