27 de junho de 2012

The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies n.º 11

A 11.ª edição acaba de ser lançada e inclui, para além das secções habituais (críticas, entrevistas, etc.), os seguintes artigos:
  • Brian Baker: Tape Spectra
  • Ana Finel Honigman: What Lies Beneath: Amie Dickie, Dawn Mellor and Goth Pop Art
  • Sinéad Sturgeon: ‘Seven Devils’: Gerald Griffin’s ‘The Brown Man’ and the Making of Irish Gothic
  • Fiona McCulloch: ‘Looking Back’: Scottish Queer Gothic Returns in Zoe Strachan’s Ever Fallen in Love
  • Hans Staats: Re-envisioning The Devil-Doll: Child’s Play and the Modern Horror Film
Greetings to all of our readers and contributors, and welcome to Issue # 11 of The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies.  This will be the last issue edited by ourselves, Bernice Murphy and Elizabeth McCarthy. We're delighted to say that journal stalwarts Jenny McDonnell and Dara Downey will be taking over as joint editors. When we published our first issue, back in October 2006, we did so with the strong belief that a free-access online journal dedicated to Gothic and Horror studies was a much-needed resource for academics and non-academics alike. Since then the journal has gone from strength to strength. This would not have been possible without the great team of people who have given their time and talent to the project.
The journal is now 6 years old, and in that time, we're very proud to have worked with such an efficient and hard-working team of section editors. We'd therefore like to thank Dara, Jenny and Eoin, as well as all of our article contributors, and our many reviewers. We'd especially like to thank all of our regular contributors and peer reviewers. We know that the journal is in very safe hands and that its new editors have lots of exciting ideas about updating it. We can't wait to see what issue #12 has in store! With this in mind, we would like to stress that submissions, etc, will proceed as usual.

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