31 de julho de 2011

Leituras Digitais (24 a 31 de Julho)

Rubrica semanal de notícias e artigos relacionados com a edição de livros digitais.

  A Bloomberg report provided indications that Sony will be upgrading its current line with both hardware and software improvements, probably before the end of August.  There are no indications at this time to indicate that price drops will be accompanying the upgrades, but it can be assumed that if there are any, they will be small.  The upcoming release of the new Sony S1 and S2 Tablet PCs will be intended to target “a more status-minded customer”, according to a recent CNN report, and it is likely that they will similarly weigh the prestige of owning a Sony Reader as a more important factor than matching the price of the increasingly inexpensive Amazon Kindle.
  The writers who are being successful now are those who understand promotion is an integral part of their success. Authors must connect directly with readers via social media. The published author with a strong backlist has the potential to connect to a whole new generation of readers and they don’t need a publisher to do so.
  So what do these changes mean for the unpublished author? It’s a question I’m asked frequently and I’ve put a lot of thought into. For the unpublished author, my suggestion is they consider writing at least three manuscripts before leaping into self-publishing. Few traditionally published authors had the craft down so well on their first manuscript that they were able to sell it, I don’t believe it’s changed for new writers. The number one promotional tool for a writer is great content and having multiple titles available.
  A loja online da Bertrand disponibiliza desde há pouco tempo a venda de livros digitais. Depois da entrada no mercado por parte da Leya, através da Mediabooks, e da Porto Editora, via Wook, é a vez da entrada do selo centenário.
  Amazon.com is experiencing its "fastest growth" in more than a decade with accelerating Kindle sales, according to its founder Jeff Bezos, but at a cost to the bottom line.
  The giant e-tailer increased sales by 51% in the three months to 30th June 2011 to $9.91bn (£6.04bn), but profits came in at $191m (£116m), a decrease of 8% on last year, as the company continues to invest in expansion.
  The salvation for the traditional publisher has to be quality when it can’t compete on price. Consequently, more attention needs to be paid to initial quality and to gaining a reputation for that quality. Unfortunately for traditional publishers, an increasing number of self-publishers are realizing that the quality problem also applies to their ebooks and they are improving their quality faster than are the traditional publishers.
  Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has introduced its new Kindle Textbook Rental Program.  Amazon has been offering new and used print editions of textbooks for awhile. What a great use for the Kindle DX, especially since it has a bigger screen.  There has been some push for use of the Kindle DX in education in recent years, but it hasn’t really taken off. But, regardless of whether you download your textbook to your Kindle, Kindle DX, iPad, computer, smartphone, etc, you’ll save a lot of money and backache.
  Metadata might still sound like something intimidating for some, but it is actually very simple. Metadata is all of the information associated with a book or publication that is used to produce, publish, distribute, market, promote and sell the book. This includes very simple things, such as the title, author of a book, cover and format, to much more complicated data, such as the terms of the publishing contract, rights information, print run, sales data, reviews, etc. It usually takes the form of a file contained in a database that will contain information for all the publishers books. This file can then be output into a digital file or spreadsheet that can be used by search engines, retailers and other digital media to display and sell your book.
New York Times E-Book Best Sellers

These lists are an expanded version of those appearing in the August 7, 2011 print edition of the Book Review, reflecting sales for the week ending July 23, 2011.

E-Book Fiction

1.                      THE HELP, by Kathryn Stockett
2.                      PORTRAIT OF A SPY, by Daniel Silva
3.                      NOW YOU SEE HER, by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
4.                      THE BLACK ECHO, by Michael Connelly
5.                      SPLIT SECOND, by Catherine Coulter

E-Book Nonfiction

1.                      A STOLEN LIFE, by Jaycee Dugard
2.                      HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
3.                      UNBROKEN, by Laura Hillenbrand
4.                      IN THE GARDEN OF BEASTS, by Erik Larson
5.                      BOSSYPANTS, by Tina Fey

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