16 de janeiro de 2011

Leituras Digitais (9 a 15 de Janeiro)

Rubrica semanal de notícias e artigos relacionados com a edição de livros digitais.

  But fiction has not found the transition to anything other than the e-book format so easy. "Fiction seems not to be grasping the potential," says Pullinger. "Many of the apps and enhanced e-books are just codex books with videos and notes shovelled in – like DVDs with their added extras."
  Indeed, it is now feasible that the copyright conventions by which publishers live and die will soon have the contemporary relevance of a papyrus. Newly digitised texts will become subject to the awesome power of online bookselling. According to Chris Anderson, the author of Free, once something becomes software it inevitably becomes free.
  Book apps and e-reading platforms are fast becoming a staple, and we saw them featured on nearly all the new devices, from smartphones to tablets and PCs. For publishers and content creators, CES is a great place to see, in person, how their content looks on these devices and where consumer expectations are headed. Personally, I can say it was energizing to see just how much book content is playing an increasingly important role in the tech industry.
  Kobo Books is important because it is currently the only major ebooktailer with global reach other than Amazon. But unless Kobo Books improves the shopping experience, it is more of a drag than anything else on ebook sales for midtier and small publishing houses, sales that could be the difference between being in business and biting the dust. And if small and midtier publishers do not find a way to combat the rush by better authors to self-publishing, what currently is just a small cloud of dust will become a dust storm of publishers going out of business. That will not be good for anyone — authors will have increased difficulty earning a living from their writing and readers will have increased difficulty in finding good books to read.
  The report, the work of German national library head Elisabeth Niggeman, advertising chief Maurice Levy and Belgian author Jacques de Decker, recommends much greater focus on the EU's online library Europeana and the fostering of competitors to Google, which currently dominates the digitisation agenda. "Can Europe afford to be inactive and wait, or leave it to one or more private players to digitise our common cultural heritage? Our answer is a resounding 'no'," the trio say.
  PWC have released the results of a study today that summarizes the current state of the ebook and e-reader market. PWC polled over 1000 online users in the US, UK, Germany, and the Netherlands.
  Oxford University Press is pleased to announce the creation of a groundbreaking online platform for university press monograph content. Having redeveloped the award-winning Oxford Scholarship Online platform, OUP is launching University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO) and inviting the University Press community to take advantage of a fully enabled XML environment with the cutting edge search and discovery functionality that has marked the success of Oxford Scholarship Online.

Freescale E-ink Prototype

CES 2011: Technology Meets Content

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