23 de janeiro de 2011

Leituras Digitais (16 a 22 de Janeiro)

Rubrica semanal de notícias e artigos relacionados com a edição de livros digitais.

  The first question – Is there any way to avoid advertising in books?
The Answer: Not really.
Now that Google has a patent that lets them fight off the patent Amazon got for advertising in books. Now that Publishers are desperate. Now that Google has probably realized that it needs to offer something to readers that Amazon and B&N can’t easily match. Now that most online companies have begun to feel advertising is the answer to everything.
  There is wide interpretation and varying implementations of the ISBN eBook standard; however, all participants agree a normalized approach supported by all key participants would create significant benefits and should be a goal of all parties.
Achieving that goal will require closer and more active communication among all concerned parties and potential changes in ISBN policies and procedures. Enforcement of any eventual agreed policy will require commitment from all parties; otherwise, no solution will be effective and, to that end, it would be practical to gain this commitment in advance of defining solutions.
  US-based Apple and Amazon are the leading global vendors of tablet computers and e-readers, respectively, according to the Worldwide Quarterly Media Tablet and eReader Tracker, published by International Data Corporation (IDC). Pandigital and Barnes & Noble have lapped Sony to become the #2 and #3 global vendor of e-readers. Sony is neck and neck with Chinese-producer Hanvon in distributing e-readers, and are at the #4 and #5 positions — though are significantly behind the leaders in terms of percentage of market share.
  All of this probably wouldn’t matter too much if the prices they charged for their various models reflected the realities of their limited hardware, but sadly they don’t.   Sony is resolutely refusing  to join in the price war that is currently raging in the eReader world, making their eReaders, which are comparable to the cheaper models way too expensive for what they are offering us.
  Sorry Indies, but it’s the truth. B&N still has enough consolidated power to “make” books. Its buying power makes it indispensable to publishers who need advance orders to justify print runs and the various other knock on effects that entails. They are providing –- via their Nook device –- the biggest rival to Amazon’s e-reader hegemony. And, let’s face it, if they –- along with Borders -– disappeared, how many communities would suddenly be underserved or not served at all? This is the reason small towns lobby B&N to open stores in their community: people are now, like it or not, accustomed to the selection available at big box retailers. True, perhaps half of those who shop at B&N’s aren’t there for the books, but what better chance is there to entice a not-so-avid reader into picking up a book?
  The idea is "to try and advance together, not one against the other", and to achieve a "civilised" rather than a "regulated internet" he said in a New Year speech to the French culture, teaching and research communities.
  Whatever the cause of this obnoxious limitation, we’ve had e-books in some form for well over a decade now. Why on earth can’t the publishing industry figure out a way to solve this problem and let people who want to buy books buy them? As the pasted LostBookSales report indicates, people who are denied the opportunity will often just resort to piracy, and that does not earn the author or publisher anything.
  É isto mesmo. Em 2010, o faturamento de e-books correspondeu a 9% do faturamento das grandes editoras americanas. Em 2008, foi 1% e em 2009, 3%. O crescimento tem sido exponencial. Em alguns poucos anos, haverá uma grande demanda por livros no formato digital, e onde há demanda, há oferta. Se os editores não fornecerem seus livros em formato eletrônico, alguém vai. Por mais que se combata a pirataria, será impossível evitar que algum adolescente na Lapônia ou em São José do Rio Preto digitalize um livro indisponível e o torne acessível na internet.

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