8 de novembro de 2010

Curtas: Lifeline (2009)

  "This film was originally going to be a little over a minute long. It was going to be more for the sake of "eye candy" than anything else. There were to be crazy machines and scientists floating around in space. Eventually, I decided to delve deeper into the story of why these things were happening. What surfaced was a six minute film with heavy undertones involving alternate dimensions and realities, as well as lost love and the persistence of the human spirit. The imagery which shaped the film was a result of my being influenced by classic sci fi films and tv episodes that I'd seen growing up."

                                    Andres Salaff
Seguindo os esforços de um cientista em busca do seu amor perdido, Lifeline ilustra a persistência característica do ser humano quando pretende concretizar os seus mais profundos desejos.
Para mais informações, incluindo alguns storyboards, podem consultar o blog oficial.

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